Ohmite – Product Update




PA/PV Heatsink Extension

Ohmite has introduced the dual pin fin heatsink. The dual version carries the same great forged pin construction. The pin fin construction of the PA/PV series produces more surface area than the standard extruded designs.


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C&K Product Flash

LCW Series
Subminiature Sealed Snap Switches

Snap-acting switches installed in smart energy meters may not be actuated for years, but should still operate reliably should the meter be attacked or vandalized. They have to be resistant and perform well in harsh environments.

C&K’s new LCW series offers cost effective subminiature sealed snap-acting switches. With a wide variety of actuator configurations including pin plunger, short lever, long lever and simulated lever, these switches are highly adaptable and suitable for a wide range of applications, mostly found in the industrial market. Their compact design and range of available terminal configurations deliver valuable space savings when mounted on a PCB.

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  • Compact design
  • Quick connect, solder terminals, PC terminals, wire leads option
  • Wide variety of actuator styles
  • RoHS compatible, RoHS compliant
  • IP67
  • New generation price competitive

Typical Applications include:

  • Smart energy metering
  • Switchgear
  • Motorized equipment
  • Sump pump
  • Thermostatic controls



C&K Product Flash: PT Series Double Pole Sealed Power Toggle Switches

Heavy equipment used in harsh, dirty, dusty, and wet conditions requires switches that are sealed to resist this kind of environment. They need to be resistant and perform reliably throughout the life of the application.

C&K’s PT series offers sealed power toggle switches with patented single piece injection molded panel and bushing seal. Ideal as a rugged panel mount, multi-function switch, it is suited to the performance requirements for off-road heavy equipment and harsh environments.

The PT series has a versatile IP66 / IP68 seal rating for all switch models and is fully tested to IP66 and IP68 when mounted into a sealed panel. PT series electrical rating is 15 amps for maintained functions and 10 amps for momentary functions, and is IEC/UL 61058-1 certified. The patented seal design ensures Power Toggle will function as required in harsh environments and stand up to powerful water jet cleaning. Its housing design which is smaller than some competitors gives valuable panel space back to the design engineers.

Think of any application requiring a rugged, panel mount, multi-function power toggle operating in harsh, dirty/dusty, wet conditions – PT series is the perfect Sealed Power Toggle switch.


·    IP66 / IP68 versatile rating withstands harsh outdoor environments, intense, wet weather, wind-blown, dust, dirt

·    IEC/UL 61058-1 certified has global acceptance with no additional testing needed

·    Integrated panel, bushing/toggle seal for extra protection

·    Superior oïl and fuel resistance


Typical Applications:

·    Off-road, Construction / Agricultural vehicles

·    Material handling equipment

·    Articulating, scissor, and bucket lift controls

·    Outdoor industrial Equipment

·    Lift gate controls

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Ohmite – ARG New Product Announcement

Aluminum Housed Wirewound With Flying Leads

Ohmite is expanding it’s popular line of
Aluminum housed resistors. The Ohmite ARG series is a high wattage wirewound resistor sealed in an aluminum extrusion. The aluminum housed design is appealing to power engineers for multiple reasons. Key design aspects include a sealed design, flying leads, and heatsinking ability. The ARG series is capable of dissipating 150-400 watts depending on resistor length and is available in 6 sizes. Ohmite offers other aluminum housed resistors and should be considered in high power industrial applications. Ohmite distribution partners can expect to receive the NPI package shortly on the ARG Series.

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ITT Cannon – November 2018 eNews

Invented by Cannon engineers in 1952, the D-Sub is among the most widely used connectors in the world.

Designed and patented for use on commercial and military aviation systems nearly seven decades ago, the Cannon D-Subminiature Connector was originally developed as a smaller, lightweight alternative to the large, heavy circular plugs of the time. This small, robust rectangular interconnect was soon used across a number of applications and industries. Today, we offer a range of D-Sub styles, sizes, configurations and accessories, with a global reach through global sales & distribution partners.

IXYS – Littelfuse


Spectrum Sales is happy to announce we now represent IXYS (now part of Littlelfuse)!

IXYS: A Littelfuse Technology represents a comprehensive
portfolio of advanced power semiconductor technologies,
including silicon and wide band gap solutions in discrete
and module packages.




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Lattice Semiconductor – New SensAI Solutions

New sensAI Solutions for Always-On, On-Device AI Applications Now Available!

Flexible, low-power, always-on, on-device AI is increasingly a requirement in Edge devices that are battery operated or have thermal constraints. The new features of the Lattice sensAI stack are optimized to address this challenge, delivering improved accuracy, scalable performance, and ease-of-use, while still consuming only a few milliwatts of power. The updates to the sensAI stack include:

IP Cores – New CNN Compact Accelerator IP core for improved accuracy on iCE40 UltraPlus FPGA and enhanced CNN Accelerator IP core for improved performance on ECP5 FPGAs

Software Tools Updated – Neural network compiler tool with improved ease of use both Caffe and TensorFlow support for iCE40 UltraPlus FPGAs

Reference Designs – New human presence detection and hand gesture recognition reference designs and demos

Modular software platforms – New iCE40 UltraPlus development platforms including HiMax HM01B0 UPduino Shield and DPControl iCEVision Board,

Design Service Partners – New vehicle classification demo from Softnautics and package detection demo from Wipro.