Month: April 2018

Littelfuse: Industrial and Power Control Spotlight

LittelfuseIndustrial & Power Control

Littelfuse offers many different innovative solutions for Industrial and Power Control applications, such as industrial machines, robotic equipment, motors, generators and transformers.

New SiC Power MOSFETs and Diodes SiC Power MOSFETS

View datasheets and request samples for our latest SiC power products. (HERE)



Thermistor ProbesThermistor Probes & Assemblies

Precise and extremely reliable temperature sensing probes and assemblies for demanding applications such as HVAC/R. (HERE)

ITT Cannon: April 2018 eNews Update

ITT CannonToday’s commercial aerospace manufacturers & defense contractors are increasingly challenged to meet the ongoing demand for lighter, high reliability interconnect solutions that support a wide range of applications. Our new MKJ Clip Lock Miniature Circular Connector offers an ideal solution for today’s connectivity needs. Small, lightweight and competitively priced, the MKJ Clip Lock repurposes a clip lock latching system originally designed for the automotive industry.

MKJ Mini-Circular Video Featuring NEW MKJ Clip Lock:


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New Product from Littelfuse: NANO2® 885 Series






NANO2® 885 Series Surface Mount Fuses: AEC-Q200 qualified protection against overcurrent events.



  • High DC voltage up to 500V DC and interrupting current ratings up to 1500A
  • Reliable/robust fuse design (solderless platform)
  • Meets AEC-Q200 automotive qualifications
  • Surface mountable with a compact footprint of 10.86 x 4.78mm
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C


  • Provides robust protection for electrical vehicles against severe fault/short-circuit currents
  • Minimizes the risk of nuisance opening due to mechanical bonding failure, which is mostly associated with traditional fuse soldering, providing better performance for consistent functionality
  • Ensures reliability in harsh automotive environment
  • Ideal for applications constrained by limited printed circuit board space and where legacy through-hole fuses cannot be used
  • Can be used in extreme ambient conditions

LF Nano885


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