Month: May 2019

Lattice Semiconductor: Introducing MachXO3D FPGA

Today we announced the MachXO3D FPGA for securing hardware in a range of applications. Unsecured hardware can lead to data and design theft, equipment hijacking, data modification, and device overbuilding and cloning.

With MachXO3D, developers can implement robust, comprehensive, simple and flexible hardware-based security. MachXO3D combines Root-of-Trust (RoT) capability with a variety of security related functions enabling developed to secure hardware from manufacturing to end-of-life.

Key features of MachXO3D include:

  • Control function FPGA that provides 4K and 9K look-up tables for implementing logic that instantly configures at power up from on device flash memory
  • On-device regulator for single 2.5/3.3-volt power supply operation. Support for up to 2700 Kbits of user Flash memory and up to 430 Kbits sysMEM™ embedded block RAM to provide more flexible design options
  • Up to 383 I/O, configurable to support LVCMOS 3.3 to 1.0, and designed to integrate into a wide variety of system environments with features such as hot-socketing, default pull-down, input hysteresis, and programmable slew rate
  • Embedded Security Block that provides pre-verified hardware support for cryptographic functions such as ECC, AES, SHA, PKC and Unique Secure ID
  • Embedded Secure Configuration Engine to ensure only FPGA configurations from a trusted source can be installed
  • Dual on-device configuration memories to enable fail-safe reprogramming of component firmware in the event of compromise

Check out the new white paper and blog available on the Lattice website, as well as the customer presentations on sales toolbox.

More information can also be found HERE

C&K Switches: ATP19 & ATP22 Series Anti-Vandal Sealed Pushbutton Switches

Anti-Vandal switches are also referred to as Vandal proof switches which means that the switch is subject to abuse and attempts to damage them.

C&K’s ATP19/22 series are high-strength, lightweight metal switches that meet the IP67/IK10 requirements, ensuring their suitability for operation in harsh conditions and the ability to withstand potential malicious damage.

Both the ATP19 and ATP22 series are available in momentary or self-lock actuation versions suitable for application versatility. Able to withstand heavy physical abuse, including attempted damage using metal tools, the switches target applications such as control panels in car parks and traffic lights, industrial instruments, elevators, escalators, communication equipment and alarms, safety and security systems.

A wide choice of actuator styles and many LED illumination indicator colors are available. The ATP19 & 22 series come with ring, spot and ring-plus-power-indicator actuators and various actuation interfaces like flat, raised, dome configurations.


  • SPDT & DPDT N.O. / N. C. contact arrangement
  • Able to switch up to 3A, resistive load @ 250Vac
  • IP67 sealed & IK10 (on stainless steel bushing)
  • Available in metal bushing / housing: Stainless, Brass or Al alloy
  • UL certified

Typical Applications include:

  • Pedestrian crossing signal activation switches
  • Intercom “push-to-talk” devices at the entrance
  • Parking lot ticket machines & ticket paying stations
  • Alarm, safety, and security systems
  • Automatic food and drink vending machines

View ATP19 series technical information

View ATP22 series technical information

Quell: Traditional Filters vs. the EESeal®- What You Need to Know

Failing MIL-STD-461 compliance is a frustrating and potentially costly scenario.

You have production deadlines, budgets, and product release dates all depending on your ability to course-correct your failed EMC test.

Your production timeline means going back to the drawing board is not an option. You’ve used traditional EMI filters in the past, but they introduce new variables: weight, functionality, and new test requirements.

In How to Select the Right Type of EMI Filter for Harsh Environment Operation, we break down an easier-to-install, virtually invisible solution that has production turnaround times of 2 to 4 weeks: The EESeal®. 

Download your free copy HERE


Despite Increase, China Tariffs Still Expected to Have Minimal Impact on Triad Customers

Update: As of May 10, 2019, tariffs on Chinese goods have increased to 25%. Triad Magnetics, with our diverse mix of facilities across the United States, the Philippines, and China, continues to ensure that our products will be largely insulated from tariff-related cost increases.

As tariff tensions continue to escalate between the United States and China, many manufacturers are already feeling the financial effects of the 10% tariff increase. When the New Year arrives, those consequences will be even more evident –the tariff surcharge on most electronic components manufactured in China is scheduled to increase to 25%!

At Triad Magnetics, however, our unique footprint of facilities across the United States, China, and the Philippines ensures that our products will be largely insulated from tariff-related cost increases. We are ready to take on any new production to divert manufacturing from China and protect our customers from substantial cost surges during this time of rising rates. As the tariffs’ implementation has just been delayed for 90 days, now is the ideal time to contact Triad to add us as an approved supplier to avoid these significant tariffs.

Triad Plant – Carmona, Philippines

Our Philippines plant in Carmona, about an hour outside of Manila, already handles the bulk of manufacturing for many of our products and possesses the production capacity necessary to fulfill increased orders from our customers. This facility features a wide range of machining equipment, including automated coil winding equipment, ferrite-gapping CNC machines, lamination welding machines, automated soldering machines, and automated testing systems.

With more than 1,800 employees working across 80,000 square feet of space, we are confident that our Carmona plant can meet and exceed any required capacity until trade tensions between the United States and China ease. Items fabricated at this facility include:

  • Transformers
  • Inductors
  • Chokes
  • Custom magnetic components

Almost a decade ago, we recognized the value of a power electronics plant in the Philippines and opened our facility there in 2010. The nation offers favorable currency exchange rates, a business-friendly political climate, and a hard-working and reliable workforce.

Prepared for any Situation

At Triad Magnetics, we understand that supply chain disruption takes many forms and can occur at any time. As such, we implemented an ISO 22301-compliant Business Continuity Management System that protects our suppliers and customers in the event of global supply chain disruption, including natural disasters, unforeseen circumstances, and trade disruptions. We have spent years building out this process, and you can be confident that we will meet demand and provide orders on spec and on time no matter the situation.

In addition to our Philippines location, our U.S. Design Center in Perris, California, offers custom design services, rapid design, and a range of prototyping and testing services. All of our global facilities adhere to the strictest safety and regulatory standards, enabling us to consistently offer high quality products safely and efficiently. We provide products that meet the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 22301:2012
  • UL
  • CSA
  • TUV
  • VDE
  • CE
  • IEC
  • Mil-T-27E
  • FCC Part 68

You Can Count on Triad

Triad Magnetics, a subsidiary of Axis Corporation, has a long history of innovative design, beginning with our work helping Fender® develop quality amplifiers back in the 1950s. We were a primary supplier of the television manufacturing sector in the 1960s, and our components supported the Apollo mission to the moon and the first microwave ovens in the 1970s. In the 1980s, we led the charge in developing modern industrial automation and controls, electronic ballasts for lighting systems, and high-tech medical devices. That experience has grown throughout the past few decades to support the mobile communications revolution, advancements in computer hardware, and support for the Internet of Things.

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2019 EDS Leadership Summit – Las Vegas May 7-10th

The Spectrum Sales team will be at the Mirage in Las Vegas this week for the 2019 EDS Leadership Summit, May 7th – 10th.

We look forward to seeing our distribution partners, fellow reps and manufacturers and would like to wish everyone the safest of travels and good luck!

For more information on EDS, please take a look at the link below: