Ohmite – ARG New Product Announcement

Aluminum Housed Wirewound With Flying Leads

Ohmite is expanding it’s popular line of
Aluminum housed resistors. The Ohmite ARG series is a high wattage wirewound resistor sealed in an aluminum extrusion. The aluminum housed design is appealing to power engineers for multiple reasons. Key design aspects include a sealed design, flying leads, and heatsinking ability. The ARG series is capable of dissipating 150-400 watts depending on resistor length and is available in 6 sizes. Ohmite offers other aluminum housed resistors and should be considered in high power industrial applications. Ohmite distribution partners can expect to receive the NPI package shortly on the ARG Series.

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ITT Cannon – November 2018 eNews

Invented by Cannon engineers in 1952, the D-Sub is among the most widely used connectors in the world.

Designed and patented for use on commercial and military aviation systems nearly seven decades ago, the Cannon D-Subminiature Connector was originally developed as a smaller, lightweight alternative to the large, heavy circular plugs of the time. This small, robust rectangular interconnect was soon used across a number of applications and industries. Today, we offer a range of D-Sub styles, sizes, configurations and accessories, with a global reach through global sales & distribution partners.

IXYS – Littelfuse


Spectrum Sales is happy to announce we now represent IXYS (now part of Littlelfuse)!

IXYS: A Littelfuse Technology represents a comprehensive
portfolio of advanced power semiconductor technologies,
including silicon and wide band gap solutions in discrete
and module packages.




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solutions HERE!

Lattice Semiconductor – New SensAI Solutions

New sensAI Solutions for Always-On, On-Device AI Applications Now Available!

Flexible, low-power, always-on, on-device AI is increasingly a requirement in Edge devices that are battery operated or have thermal constraints. The new features of the Lattice sensAI stack are optimized to address this challenge, delivering improved accuracy, scalable performance, and ease-of-use, while still consuming only a few milliwatts of power. The updates to the sensAI stack include:

IP Cores – New CNN Compact Accelerator IP core for improved accuracy on iCE40 UltraPlus FPGA and enhanced CNN Accelerator IP core for improved performance on ECP5 FPGAs

Software Tools Updated – Neural network compiler tool with improved ease of use both Caffe and TensorFlow support for iCE40 UltraPlus FPGAs

Reference Designs – New human presence detection and hand gesture recognition reference designs and demos

Modular software platforms – New iCE40 UltraPlus development platforms including HiMax HM01B0 UPduino Shield and DPControl iCEVision Board,

Design Service Partners – New vehicle classification demo from Softnautics and package detection demo from Wipro.


Lattice – New Radiant IP and Reference Design

Lattice Radiant Software was rolled out earlier this year with the goal of making development and debugging with iCE40 UltraPlus a breeze. Radiant by itself is not enough to get users moving quickly, so we provided IP for the basic building blocks of the iCE40 UltraPlus device including PLL, DSP, Memory, I2C and SPI.

One of the values of Radiant is the ability to distribute IP and reference designs. We promised over the next 2 quarters more reference designs would be ported from iCECUBE2 and delivered for users to take advantage of Radiant.

During Q2 we converted five reference designs:

§ Single Wire Aggregation – eliminates signal congestion

§ Sensor Data Buffer – Makes iCE40 UltraPlus into a sensor hub

§ 6:1 Microphone Aggregation – Enables connecting microphones over SPI bus

§ SPI to MIPI-DSI – Connects a MIPI display to a process without DSI interface

These Reference designs and others were all covered in this white paper written to highlight the applications possible with the iCE40 UltraPlus FPGA. Over the next quarter more reference designs will be provided to solve issues and enable new ideas.

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Ohmite: New Product Introduction




FCSL Current Sense New Product Announcement

New 0.5% Tolerance and New Sizes Product Extension

Ohmite is expanding it’s popular FCSL series. The FCSL series will now include a 0.5% tolerance option. In addition to this new tolerance, Ohmite will also offer two new sizes in this popular series. The FCSL20 and FCSL32 are common 0508 and 0612 sizes respectively. The call out is reversed as the leads are on the long edge of the chips for better current handling and cooling. The FCSL20 carries a power rating of 1 watt with a max current rating of 45 amps. The FCSL32 carries a power rating of 1.5 watts with a max current rating of 64 amps. The growth of the current sense market remains strong. With more applications using current sense resistors, the market demands more specific options leading to product extensions and new product series to accommodate. Ohmite will be expanding its current sense offering as the year continues. Ohmite distribution partners can expect to receive the NPI package shortly on the tolerance and size extensions.

For a datasheet, please click HERE.

Littelfuse: New! Fuse and Accessories Selection Guide


Littelfuse offers a comprehensive range of innovative fuses designed to address an expanding array of circuit protection challenges. However, identifying the optimum fuse for a specific application can be a confusing, time-consuming process.

The NEW! Fuse and Accessories Selection Guide is designed to speed and simplify this process, making it easier to optimize the reliability and performance of the application.

Order your print version by visiting the Littelfuse Business Center today!

LF New Fuse Selector Guide