Littelfuse – U.S. Sensor Integration Update








Dear U.S. Sensor Sales Representatives,

As you are probably aware, Littelfuse announced the acquisition of U.S. Sensor on Monday, July 10th. With the acquisition close, we will now be able to conduct a rationalization of the Americas Rep Firms for the combined company.  A high-level evaluation of the U.S. Sensor Rep Firms is now underway and we will receive input from the U.S. Sensor Sales Team. The goal is to complete this evaluation over the next two to four weeks. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you.

During this time, business should be conducted as usual, and you will continue to be paid under the U.S. Sensor contract. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Rodney Magsanide.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this rationalization and we look forward to bringing you additional information over the next few weeks.


Rodney Magsanide – Sales Manager – U.S. Sensor

Thane Parker – Director, Americas OEM Sales – Littelfuse

Silicon Labs: Bluetooth® 5, Refined for the IoT

silicon labs

This whitepaper introduces the new features of Bluetooth 5 technology and how they enable the next wave of IoT applications. The hallmark features of Bluetooth 5 include twice the speed, four times range, and eight times the advertising capacity for long range, more robust connections, better user experience, and smarter beacons.


Refined for the IoT

The rapidly evolving and expanding IoT market provides big opportunities for device manufacturers. New applications and the huge increase of devices requiring wireless connections has also kept various wireless standard interest groups busy developing new standards or updating existing ones to fulfill IoT-specific needs.

The projected market growth for IoT-related applications and devices varies but one estimate puts the figure at around 16% CAGR up to the year 2025 [1]. This wide range of IoT applications will require the use of not one but several wireless standards if all usage scenarios are to be realized. This in turn also implies that coexistence issues need to be addressed adequately. The increased demand for suitable gateway devices is obvious.

According to market share estimates, Bluetooth will be used in 60 percent of all wireless devices by the year 2021 and Bluetooth low energy correspondingly in 16 percent of devices. Most of the increase will be seen in smart home, beacon, connected home, and wearables applications[2]. According to the computer magazine Datamation, ABI Research is expecting Bluetooth with low energy shipments to have a CAGR of 34 percent between 2016 and 2021[3]. Such growth requires the wireless standards to be extremely robust and dependable. What is also needed are manufacturers who utilize the possibilities allowed by the wireless standards to the maximum in their hardware offering and who provide easy-to-use and powerful software stacks.

Bluetooth has already existed for almost 20 years and is used today in approximately 8.2 billion devices, so it has already demonstrated its robustness and dependability. To fulfill requirements set forth by the new IoT scene, the Bluetooth SIG announced the Bluetooth 5 specification in December 2016. The latest Bluetooth standard improves bandwidth, range, broadcasting, and coexistence features.


2x Speed

One of the major features in Bluetooth 5 is a new 2 Mbps PHY. Bluetooth 4.x devices only support a single 1 Mbps PHY rate, but Bluetooth 5 devices are capable of supporting either the 1 Mbps or 2 Mbps PHY rates. By doubling the PHY rate, the amount of data that devices can transfer is almost doubled as shown in the table below. Another benefit of the faster PHY is the reduced time required for transmitting and receiving data, which translates to a lower average current consumption. This is explained by the fact that more time can be spent in low-power sleep modes.


Comparison of 1M and 2M Bluetooth low energy PHYs

PHY Symbol rate Error-detection Range multiplier PDU Length Minimum packet time Maximum packet time Maximum throughput
1M 1 M symbols/s CRC 1 x 0 – 257 B 80 µs 2.12 ms 800 kbps
2M 1 M symbols/s CRC 0.8 x 0 – 257 B 44 µs 1.064 ms 1438 kbps

C&K — K12 & K12S Series Double Stroke Keyswitches


Double stroke keyswitches with excellent tactile feedback

C&K’s K12 & K12S keyswitches separate electrical and mechanical functions to ensure accurate switching positions making it one of the most robust products able to withstand up to 100N overload and 200K actuations.

Configuring different combinations of spring mechanisms and cam designs, enables C&K to customize the switches’ travel distance, actuation force, and contact position to meet a variety of different customer requirements within the same form factor.

Featuring excellent tactile feedback, K12 for Through-Hole Technology and K12S for Surface Mount Technology is available in double operating forces from 3,5N/7N to 6N/12N. 

The IP67 version (K12S) is ideal for outdoor applications while the IP40 version (K12/K12S) is available for less demanding environments.

K12 product flash


  • SPST (2x)
  • IP40 (K12/K12S) & IP67 sealed (K12S)
  • Up to 200K life cycles (K12S)
  • 3,5N/7N and 6N/12N (K12) – 4N/8N and 6N/12N (K12S)

Typical Applications include:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Industrial

View K12 Series and K12S Series technical information

Contact Tech Support


Micron SolidScale TM Platform Architecture Announcement

The Power of Real-Time Insight

Did you hear our news? On May 3rd, we announced the Micron SolidScale™ platform, an innovative scale-up and scale-out architecture that unlocks the full potential of PCIe NVMe and shares it across multiple applications. Specially designed for performance-sensitive workloads, SolidScale delivers low-latency, high-throughput access to compute and storage. If you’d like to learn more visit  You can also catch the OnDemand Micron Summit keynote and post show interviews on theCUBE:

Watch On-Demand on theCUBE

Powered by Artesyn: Laser Projector

The latest in our Powered by Artesyn series of customer application stories.

A developer of laser fluorescence display technology, which breaks through the limits of traditional light sources such as LED and overcomes the shortcomings of RGB laser displays, needed a small, reliable power source for use in engineering projectors.Artesyn Laser Projector

They found Artesyn’s LCC600 series of AC-DC power supplies ideal for their needs with its compact 4 x 9 inch (101 x 228 mm) footprint, fanless operation, 600W output and 93% typical efficiency.

A strong relationship with the customer and undeniable product quality ensured Artesyn’s LCC600 series has replaced a less reliable unit from a competitor. 

Triad Magnetics – An Introduction to Power Inductors

Triad LOGO




Introduction-Power-Inductor-3d.pngPower inductors are incredibly important magnetic components, found in everything from household appliances to the national power grid – any application that requires control of current.

In the third installment of our Guide to Inductors eBook series titled Introduction to Power Inductors, the experts at Triad Magnetics expand upon the information necessary to understand power inductors, including:

  • Common uses and applications
  • Electrical characteristics
  • 10 factors to consider when choosing the right one for your project
  • And more…

Click here or on the button below to access your free digital copy.

Download: Intro to Power Inductors >>

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Triad Magnetics with any questions you have.

Powered by Artesyn: Immune Detection


A customer approached Artesyn with a requirement for a cost effective AC-DC power supply for their new immune detection and diagnostic device.

This product needed to offer reliable and stable performance. Artesyn’s sales engineers recommended the LCM600Q-T-N enclosed unit, part of the LCM series of distributed power, front-end AC-DC power supplies, which ranges from 300 to 1500 watts output power. With industrial and medical safety approvals, these digitally-controlled power supplies can deliver up to 600 watts and offer versatile bulk power for a wide variety of industrial, medical, military and process automation applications.

Artesyn Immune

The customer was impressed with the efficiency of the device (typically 89%) and its reliability, considering how cost-effective it is in the market.

Thanks to excellent technical advice from Artesyn’s field sales engineers, and local support from Artesyn’s channel partner, the customer is now considering Artesyn as it develops new instruments for laboratories, food testing and gene detection.

C&K Launches First Blog!


The C&K blogs will educate and inform those in the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, etc. with best practices, trends, and industry news.  They also drive web traffic to the C&K site (organic SEO – example, Google, Baidu).  Blogs are written in an informal or conversational style.

Entries will be posted twice a month.  The next four will focus on the Industrial market.  Automotive will be kicked off in March/April.

We will share our blogs with industry publications and Reps / Distributors.

Please take a look at the new C&K BLOG HERE