Powered by Artesyn: Industrial 3D Printing


It is now possible to 3D print almost anything, from body parts to cars. 3D printing is hailed as the next industrial revolution and the printers themselves range from small desktop units for hobbyists to massive industrial machines designed for production-grade manufacturing. 3d_printing_14769991091

When a maker of high-speed industrial 3D printers was looking for cost-effective but quiet 600-watt power supplies for their latest machine, the developers turned to the Artesyn LCM600 series. These power supplies are available with sophisticated smart fan algorithms providing low-noise performance. The digitally controlled topology of the LCM600 series provides the highest level of flexibility with simple software changes to suit the client’s needs.

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Littelfuse: Compact 650VDC Cartridge Fuse for High-Voltage DC Power Circuits


Ideal for protecting VFDs, PV inverters, DC-DC converters, high-voltage power supplies, etc. 

The new 507 Series Cartridge Fuse from Littelfuse is ideal for over-current protection in high-voltage DC power circuits. Its small footprint simplifies creating compact designs for power conversion equipment that demands higher operating efficiencies. It is available in both standard cartridge and axial-leaded designs, is RoHS compliant and 100% lead free.

Typical applications for the 507 Series include over-current protection for variable frequency drives (VFDs), photovoltaic (PV) inverters, DC-DC converters, high-voltage power supplies, etc.


  • High DC voltage rating of 650V with interrupting rating of 150A@650VDC in a compact 6x32mm footprint
  • 1A – 8A current rating
  • Operating temperature from −55°C to 125°C


  • Provides robust over-current protection for high-voltage DC power circuits; enables compact design for power conversion equipment demanding higher operating efficiencies
  • Well suited for most commercially available 200V Class and 400V Class VFDs
  • Provides reliable protection in extreme temperature environments
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More information on our “507 Series Fuse” can also be found, HERE.

Product Flash: Ultra Miniature Surface Mount Slide Switch – PCM Series by C&K

Looking for a switch solution that will allow you to set different parameters in a customers’ device?
Today, the phone/internet and TV broadcast frequency bands are overlapping causing interference in received signals. A leading manufacturer of frequency filters approached C&K looking for an ultraminiature slide switch to be preset to their desired position for easy integration into their LTE/4G adaptable filters. Engineers chose the PCM series for its high-quality, low-profile and space saving design.
C&K’s PCM Series, available in SPDT and SP3T models, has a mechanical operating life of 10,000 cycles, and features rugged stainless steel housing, copper alloy silver clad brush, and copper alloy, silver-plated terminals.  With a dielectric strength of 500 VAC min., the PCM Series ultra miniature slide switch has an operating temperature range of -20°C to 85°C.
• Ultraminiature surface mount
• Low profile
• Contact rating: 0.3A @ 6 VDC
• -20°C to 85°C operating temperature
Typical Applications include:
• Computer peripherals & network products
• Telecommunication products
• Test & measurement equipment
• Home automation