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The C&K blogs will educate and inform those in the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, etc. with best practices, trends, and industry news.  They also drive web traffic to the C&K site (organic SEO – example, Google, Baidu).  Blogs are written in an informal or conversational style.

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Product Flash: Switches and Smart Card Readers for Lighting Applications


Switches and Smart Card Readers for Lighting Applications

C&K’s lighting portfolio offers a variety of switches tailored to meet the requirements of the lighting industry. The broad range of miniature, ultra-miniature and micro-miniature tactile switches for printed circuit board mounting includes the most popular KSA, KSC, KSR and PTS645 series. For DIP switch options,  low profile and standard profile, coded rotary, SIP and jumper DIP switches are available with the BD, SPA, SDA and RTE series.  Popular products for this market also include the TP, 8020 and ELUM  pushbutton series and M rotary series. 

For SIM card sockets, C&K’s CCM03 MK3 can accommodate 6 or 8 contacts, offers up to 50K cycle life, and is highly resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures.

CK product flash lightingFeatures/Benefits:

  • Sealed up to IP67
  • Resistant to humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Various travel and activation forces
  • Low contact resistance
  • Different coding available

Typical Applications include:

  • Lighting controllers
  • Lighting and shade control
  • Emergency lighting
  • LED Signage
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