Micron Accelerates Adoption of All-Flash Data Centers with Highest-Capacity Enterprise SATA Solid State Drive

5100 QoS

Micron 5100 Enterprise SSD: Foundation for Big Data, Analytics and Streaming with Flexibility, Performance and Value. 

Introducing the Micron Enterprise 5100 Series SATA SSD product family, enabling future-focused storage platforms to meet the combined demands of performance, capacity, and enterprise-class reliability. Micron’s 5100 Series SSDs provide IT with an easy migration path to bridge the infrastructure divide to tomorrow’s all flash data center.

  • Unmatched Capacity: The 5100 Series satisfies a wide range of capacity demands, reaching up to 8TB – 2X that of the nearest SSD manufacturer.
  • Consistent High Performance: Meet the demands of your data center. The 5100 comes in three models – ECO, PRO, & MAX –  optimized for varying workloads with consistent, steady state random writes at 74,000 IOPS.
  • Comprehensive Security: Addresses enterprise security concerns with market-leading data protection and encryption (AES-256 bit encryption, TCG-enterprise protection in a FIPS-validated SATA SSD) with zero performance impact.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: FlexPro™ firmware architecture paves the way for customers to future-proof their storage investment, enabling IT managers to easily tune specific drive features.
  • Better TCO: Enhancing Micron’s enterprise data storage offerings, the 5100 Series SSDs help deliver optimized total cost of ownership (TCO) and better data center efficiency through server and storage platform consolidation, enabling reduced IT costs.
Learn more about our pack of revolutionary 5100 drives.
Eco, Pro, Max 5100

Triad is now ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

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Triad Magnetics is proud to announce that we have recently been certified to meet ISO 9001:2015 standards. iso-certification

This certificate verifies that our quality management system has been assessed and registered as compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the design, development, supply, and support of power transformers, inductors, and power supplies.

In our latest blog post we explore the requirements for the latest ISO 9001 standard and what these improvements mean for you and your company.


As always, please don’t hesitate to contact Triad Magnetics with any questions you have.

Discover How To Improve Your Business with NVMe SSDs


Finally, a solution for your performance woes
By bringing storage closer to compute with PCIe NVMe SSDs, you can maximize data throughput which enables you to stay competitive and derive even greater insight into your business critical data.  With minimized data lag, improved response time, and a universal form, fit and function—shouldn’t you make PCIe NVMe SSDs an essential part of your servers? With PCIe NVMe, you can:

  • Increase performance: become unshackled from the SATA interface constraints
  • Simplify: reduce infrastructure complexity and maintenance
  • Go small: reduce power consumption, shrink data center footprint
  • Go big: increase employee productivity, free up IT staff to focus on growth

Hear it from the source

Micron award-winning PCIe NVMe SSDs are leading the industry and poised to help you unleash the power of NVMe. Learn what NVMe can do for your business.

Artesyn Announces Compact, Platinum Efficiency 495 Watt Distributed Power Supply


New Compact, Platinum Efficiency  495 Watt Distributed Power Supply

Artesyn Embedded Technologies today announced a new front-end bulk power supply ds495spe_square_14782155641that provides up to 495 watts in a form factor that is significantly shorter than that of similarly rated earlier-generation power supplies – conserving highly valuable system space.

The DS495SPE extends Artesyn’s DS family of power supplies to now provide a consistent and scalable form/fit/function from 495 W up to 2 kW total output power, designed for deployment in networking, storage and server applications.


C&K Product Flash: Switches for the Off-Highway Market


Touch-sensitive displays are not displacing
the joystick’s central role in vehicle control. Joysticks continue to evolve so operators can do more with less effort. These controls are so
critical that design teams are setting extremely high durability parameters for the performance of buttons and rollers on the handles.

One million life cycles has become the minimum, and companies are looking for redundant contacts and sealing to IP68 ratings. At the same time, many companies are looking for turnkey solutions, potted switches with wiring harnesses.

C&K’s APB pushbutton and K12S keyswitch are a great fit for this market.

Read the full article featuring C&K switches in SAE Off-Highway Engineering


  • Longer life cyclese9bd94ba-d4b9-44eb-adae-02f70dc46b391
  • Sealings to IP68
  • LED illuminated switches , bi-color LED

Typical Applications include:

  • Off-Highway
  • Industrial

Powered by Artesyn: Industrial 3D Printing


It is now possible to 3D print almost anything, from body parts to cars. 3D printing is hailed as the next industrial revolution and the printers themselves range from small desktop units for hobbyists to massive industrial machines designed for production-grade manufacturing. 3d_printing_14769991091

When a maker of high-speed industrial 3D printers was looking for cost-effective but quiet 600-watt power supplies for their latest machine, the developers turned to the Artesyn LCM600 series. These power supplies are available with sophisticated smart fan algorithms providing low-noise performance. The digitally controlled topology of the LCM600 series provides the highest level of flexibility with simple software changes to suit the client’s needs.

More info HERE & HERE.

Littelfuse: Compact 650VDC Cartridge Fuse for High-Voltage DC Power Circuits


Ideal for protecting VFDs, PV inverters, DC-DC converters, high-voltage power supplies, etc. 

The new 507 Series Cartridge Fuse from Littelfuse is ideal for over-current protection in high-voltage DC power circuits. Its small footprint simplifies creating compact designs for power conversion equipment that demands higher operating efficiencies. It is available in both standard cartridge and axial-leaded designs, is RoHS compliant and 100% lead free.

Typical applications for the 507 Series include over-current protection for variable frequency drives (VFDs), photovoltaic (PV) inverters, DC-DC converters, high-voltage power supplies, etc.


  • High DC voltage rating of 650V with interrupting rating of 150A@650VDC in a compact 6x32mm footprint
  • 1A – 8A current rating
  • Operating temperature from −55°C to 125°C


  • Provides robust over-current protection for high-voltage DC power circuits; enables compact design for power conversion equipment demanding higher operating efficiencies
  • Well suited for most commercially available 200V Class and 400V Class VFDs
  • Provides reliable protection in extreme temperature environments
More information, HERE.
More information on our “507 Series Fuse” can also be found, HERE.

Product Flash: Ultra Miniature Surface Mount Slide Switch – PCM Series by C&K

Looking for a switch solution that will allow you to set different parameters in a customers’ device?
Today, the phone/internet and TV broadcast frequency bands are overlapping causing interference in received signals. A leading manufacturer of frequency filters approached C&K looking for an ultraminiature slide switch to be preset to their desired position for easy integration into their LTE/4G adaptable filters. Engineers chose the PCM series for its high-quality, low-profile and space saving design.
C&K’s PCM Series, available in SPDT and SP3T models, has a mechanical operating life of 10,000 cycles, and features rugged stainless steel housing, copper alloy silver clad brush, and copper alloy, silver-plated terminals.  With a dielectric strength of 500 VAC min., the PCM Series ultra miniature slide switch has an operating temperature range of -20°C to 85°C.
• Ultraminiature surface mount
• Low profile
• Contact rating: 0.3A @ 6 VDC
• -20°C to 85°C operating temperature
Typical Applications include:
• Computer peripherals & network products
• Telecommunication products
• Test & measurement equipment
• Home automation

Bosch Sensortec — Air Pressure Sensors in Smartphones: Transforming Navigation and Fitness Tracking


EDN.com — Written by Dr. Thomas Block, Product Management Environmental Sensors, Bosch Sensortec -September 13, 2016


Today’s smartphones utilize a wide array of accelerometers, gyroscopes and various other sensors in their designs. Relatively unknown is the barometric pressure sensor, which measures air pressure. These sensors are currently being integrated into premium-grade smartphones, but are also becoming more common in mainstream phones or wearables such as fitness trackers and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Why measure air pressure?

A barometric pressure sensor measures air pressure and can, therefore, play a key role in weather forecasting – lower pressure indicates that poor, rainy weather is more likely. Also, air pressure is affected by altitude changes, which means that such a sensor can provide highly accurate information about vertical elevation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant applications and the role that barometric pressure sensors perform in consumer equipment….

For Sensor Applications and the complete article, please visit: HERE

Littelfuse: LSP10GIHP Series – Thermally Protected Surge Protective Device

LSP10GIHP Series Surge Protection Modules are designed for use in outdoor and commercial LED lighting fixtures for transient overvoltage protection.
The 20KV, 10kA surge handling capability will enhance the LED lighting fixture’s surge immunity and extend its operating lifetime.
LSP10GIHP Series modules are constructed with Littelfuse thermally protected varistor technology. A built-in thermal disconnect function provides additional protection to prevent catastrophic failure and fire hazard even under the extreme circumstances of varistor end-of-life or sustaining over voltage conditions.

These modules have UL 1449 4th Edition Type 4 recognition and are IEC61643-11 Class II and EN61643-11 Type 2 certified. They meet US DOE, ANSI C136.2-2015 and ANSI C82.77-5. Extreme Level (Category C High, 20kV, 10kA).

The LSP10GIHP Series features a built-in LED indicator that notifies the lighting technician when replacement of the module is needed. It is available in series-connected format only with a choice of 277V or 480V maximum voltage rating.

Varistors LSP10GIHP Datasheet

LSP10GIHP Series Product Flyer


  • Low measured limiting voltage (MLV) and low voltage protection level (Up)
  • 20kA Maximum Discharge Current (Imax) 8/20µs
  • Meets US Department of Energy Municipal Solid State Street Lighting Consortium Specification
  • Meets ANSI C136.2-2015 Extreme Level and ANSIC82.77-5 Category C High (20kV, 10kA combination wave surge)
  • UL 1449 and IEC 61643-11/EN61643-11  Approved*
  • Thermally Protected
  • Double Insulation Cable Wire
  • IP66 Rated
  • Series Connected with Built-in LED Indication


  • Outdoor and commercial LED lighting
  • Roadway lighting
  • Traffic lighting
  • Digital signage
  • Service entrance lighting
  • Parking garage/lot lighting
  • Flood lighting
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Street lighting

More information and a LSP10GIHP Product Video HERE