Bosch Sensortec — Air Pressure Sensors in Smartphones: Transforming Navigation and Fitness Tracking

edn — Written by Dr. Thomas Block, Product Management Environmental Sensors, Bosch Sensortec -September 13, 2016–Transforming-navigation-and-fitness-tracking

Today’s smartphones utilize a wide array of accelerometers, gyroscopes and various other sensors in their designs. Relatively unknown is the barometric pressure sensor, which measures air pressure. These sensors are currently being integrated into premium-grade smartphones, but are also becoming more common in mainstream phones or wearables such as fitness trackers and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Why measure air pressure?

A barometric pressure sensor measures air pressure and can, therefore, play a key role in weather forecasting – lower pressure indicates that poor, rainy weather is more likely. Also, air pressure is affected by altitude changes, which means that such a sensor can provide highly accurate information about vertical elevation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most significant applications and the role that barometric pressure sensors perform in consumer equipment….

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