C&K Product Flash: Switches for the Off-Highway Market


Touch-sensitive displays are not displacing
the joystick’s central role in vehicle control. Joysticks continue to evolve so operators can do more with less effort. These controls are so
critical that design teams are setting extremely high durability parameters for the performance of buttons and rollers on the handles.

One million life cycles has become the minimum, and companies are looking for redundant contacts and sealing to IP68 ratings. At the same time, many companies are looking for turnkey solutions, potted switches with wiring harnesses.

C&K’s APB pushbutton and K12S keyswitch are a great fit for this market.

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  • Longer life cyclese9bd94ba-d4b9-44eb-adae-02f70dc46b391
  • Sealings to IP68
  • LED illuminated switches , bi-color LED

Typical Applications include:

  • Off-Highway
  • Industrial