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SDS Series

Side Actuated Detect Switches

Undetectable detection switch for anti-tamper and intrusion systems

A lot of devices require anti-tampering or security measures. It is necessary for utility meters and other products to ensure that the meter is not intentionally tampered with making its warranty void.

C&K’s SDS series is a detect switch developed for anti-tampering systems. It provides 2 mm of over-travel, allowing design flexibility. It features NO and NC circuitry and can be actuated from either a top or side perspective. With a low profile package that sits just 2 mm above your board, it is practically unnoticeable. It’s an “undetectable detection device”. C&K Switch Product Flash

The SDS is a high performance, high reliability switch, with ratings of up to 100k cycles. Customized versions with longer actuators and different plating of the contacts are available.



  • Low profile package sits just 2 mm off PCB
  • 2 mm over-travel ideal for detector applications
  • Low actuation force (75 grams max.)

Typical Applications include:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical devices
  • ATCA and Micro TCA devices
  • Utility metering

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