New Product from Littelfuse: NANO2® 885 Series






NANO2® 885 Series Surface Mount Fuses: AEC-Q200 qualified protection against overcurrent events.



  • High DC voltage up to 500V DC and interrupting current ratings up to 1500A
  • Reliable/robust fuse design (solderless platform)
  • Meets AEC-Q200 automotive qualifications
  • Surface mountable with a compact footprint of 10.86 x 4.78mm
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C


  • Provides robust protection for electrical vehicles against severe fault/short-circuit currents
  • Minimizes the risk of nuisance opening due to mechanical bonding failure, which is mostly associated with traditional fuse soldering, providing better performance for consistent functionality
  • Ensures reliability in harsh automotive environment
  • Ideal for applications constrained by limited printed circuit board space and where legacy through-hole fuses cannot be used
  • Can be used in extreme ambient conditions

LF Nano885


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