New Product Lines from Ohmite Manufacturing

Ohmite Manufacturing, a leading provider of power resistors and heatsinks, is pleased to announce the release of several new, state of the art production items!

BA Series of Aluminum Cased Resistors for Dynamic Braking Applications — Featuring a rugged wirewound design, these high power resistors are ideal for dynamic braking, motor starting, and power control applications. Other uses for the BA Series include inverter and power conversion applications.

RW Series of High Power SMD Wirewound Resistors  The new RW5 and RW7 Series SMD wirewound resistors feature a ‘finned’ body style in order to maximize surface area, and therefore cooling capacity, without taking up excessive PCB space.

TP810 High Energy Resistors — These thick film resistors offer users the benefits of non-inductive performance and high power density.  As an added feature, they provide the impulse energy capability normally associated with wirewound or composition resistors.

C40 Heatsink System — Designed to provide engineers with a variety of cooling options, the C40 heatsinks feature flexible board mounted modular assembly that can be used in conjunction with up to four TO-247 and TO-264 power resistors, or similarly packaged passive and active components.

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