Product Flash: Ultra Miniature Surface Mount Slide Switch – PCM Series by C&K

Looking for a switch solution that will allow you to set different parameters in a customers’ device?
Today, the phone/internet and TV broadcast frequency bands are overlapping causing interference in received signals. A leading manufacturer of frequency filters approached C&K looking for an ultraminiature slide switch to be preset to their desired position for easy integration into their LTE/4G adaptable filters. Engineers chose the PCM series for its high-quality, low-profile and space saving design.
C&K’s PCM Series, available in SPDT and SP3T models, has a mechanical operating life of 10,000 cycles, and features rugged stainless steel housing, copper alloy silver clad brush, and copper alloy, silver-plated terminals.  With a dielectric strength of 500 VAC min., the PCM Series ultra miniature slide switch has an operating temperature range of -20°C to 85°C.
• Ultraminiature surface mount
• Low profile
• Contact rating: 0.3A @ 6 VDC
• -20°C to 85°C operating temperature
Typical Applications include:
• Computer peripherals & network products
• Telecommunication products
• Test & measurement equipment
• Home automation